Corsage & Boutonnieres: All hail variety and options! – Part One: The Paper

So I’ve done enough corsages and boutonnieres these last couple years to feel like I can dedicate a Blog entry to the subject, with visual aids and everything. (BTW, did you know that if you say “boutonniere” in French, as in a manly corsage, they have no idea what you’re talking about? It literally means “button-hole” – like where you put your button. Not your fancy flower do-dah.)

So. Here’s the deal. These paper rose corsages are extremely nifty because they are limitless in their versatility.  First you have the actual paper they can be constructed from.

We have sheet music paper:

Plain sheet music rose – no watercolor or stamps




We have comic books!

Simple comic book rose - nothing frilly









We have novels!

Simple novel rose. A novel idea! *nudge nudge*


We have role-playing guides and illustrations!

Awesome idea - scanned and sent to me so we didn't even have to destroy her beloved game master guide!





We have maps and guide books!

Rose of guide book and map with pearl centerpiece.












Wrapping paper!

Simple black stripey wrapping paper.

Even custom colored and designed paper, with key words, phrases and names, if you like:

The client sent of list of phrases she wanted written on the paper for the rose. I colored it first, wrote, then wrapped it all up with a sprinkling of embossing dust.


Now…. What can be done with these beauties?



As exciting as this all is, what will Part II have in store for us? Brace yourselves: here comes EMBELLISHMENTS!!!


Caring for your Rosy Beauties.

Here is a little manual I’ve put together to help those who have bought my paper flowers in the past. The all-in-one kit, with the manual and the tools described in it nicely packaged with prettiness, will soon be available for purchase.

(Aisle) Decor – For any occasion

I recently finished another order for these delightfully original designs and thought it was high-time that I update the photos. In the midst of an eternal flurry of activity, it’s so hard to remember to go BACK to something that we’ve been so scrupulous and had cost us so much time.

Yet, we all must review, revise, trim & direct even the most beloved brain-child.

That said, I went “on location” (ha! Just across the street, actually) to the Château de
Terrasses here in Cap d’Ail. What a lucky girl I am to live surrounded by such a wealth of natural and architectural beauty!
Here’s the results, I hope you like them!

The grand entrance









Princess - worthy!































I like the intimate garden shots the best, though, I think.




How picturesqueAnd the other side...Fancy it up!